Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok I think it is oficial I think I am addicted

I think it is time to admit I have an addiction. No not drugs or alcohol but the computer. It started small you know email. I remember when a friend of mine and I thought we were the coolest people ever because we would go to the library and email each other. Yes we were sitting right next to each other but hey we could email how cool. Then we found instant messaging and that started a whole new thing for us.

Then one day out of no where my kids got me interested in a thing call my space and I would go there once in awhile but it faded fast for me.

Then the real problem started my "church lady" friends (that is what my kids call them) got me hooked on face book. The funny thing is we have a once a month ladies night out and one of the gals there that night would not quit talking about face book and I was getting so tired of it that I asked them not to say the face bookword the rest of the night. Then one day out of the blue I looked on my face book account and became addicted. I check the thing every day and sometimes can not walk away.

But it did not end there. Some of my church lady friends blog and kept trying to convince me to blog and I kept saying no. They have small children and families all over the state so they use it to keep family aware of what is going on in there life, but then they started doing cool things like reviews and giveaways and that looked fun so I thought why not try the blogging thing. As you can see I love to blog. It is very fun. But the funny thing is I just spent the last two hours entering giveaways and contests. I never thought I would be one of those people.

Of course I am kidding I do not really have an addiction but I do have fun with this. The great thing is I was talking to another one of my non church lady friends and she is now becoming interested in what I am doing so I think she might check it out.

Now to my church lady friends, thank you very much for getting me addicted. Really it is fun.


  1. I can tell by all the buttons on your blog that you have been contest hopping, LOL. Welcome to our world! It is a full time job for me. I write all the time, and then having to blog hop to keep readers. I just am online way too much. And sure, I could stop, but when I do, I lose money, sort of. So it is more than an addiction to me, it is a business. But a fun business!

  2. I can honestly say that I struggle with my addiction...the computer, too. I am so happy that you are blogging now, too!! YEAH!! It is super fun, too, right? I agree with Lisa, it is a full time job for reviewing! It is hard to stop, and I feel like I should quit somedays...
    The free stuff is too great, though! :)