Friday, April 3, 2009

Know this is bloggable

My friends who have been blogging for a while now used to say that all the time about things that were said or done and I just did not understand that. But since I have started blogging I am slowly starting to understand what they mean.

I went shopping with two of my close friends last night because the three of us plus two more of my close friends are going away for the weekend and so the one needed to get pajamas.

Now I am glad she felt she needed them but it was funny because she said all I wear to bed is a shirt and my workout pants. I didn't bother to tell her that is what I wear to bed too. Apparently that is not appropriate bed wear. The funny thing is though after she tells us that she also tells us that someone said to her you can't wear work out pants to bed you don't work out. Now she may not work out in the common sense but I tell you she is one very busy person. She has 7 children and is a sahm and a good friend to people. So just because she doesn't run a mile a day or something she does work out. Plus I think wearing work out pants to bed is a good idea they are comfortable.

When we went shopping last night my friend with the 7 kids brought 4 of them with her and then my other friend with the 4 kids brought 3 of them with her. We had 4 kids under the age of 5 with us. That was interesting to me because my youngest is 14 so the whole carseat for four kids and then making sure they stay in sight and keeping them entertained was fun to watch. Yes I said watch I don't what to do with little kids anymore so I just watched. Although there kids are very well behaved and I loved watching my friends with them. No matter if the kids were getting loud or doing some little thing the moms didn't want them to do I never heard either one of my friends raise there voice to there kids and the kids listened. They both really do have very well behaved children and they are soooo cute. I love how they would say my name and talk with me. They were just adorable.

The best part of the whole trip was when we were looking at pajama's for my one friend oursevenqtpies my other friend sassyfrazz was looking at clearance items "my favorite part of the store" and of course back by the pajamas is also the bras and underwear and sassyfrazz's little boy pulled out a bra and said here mommy you should get this and she looked at him and said mommy doesn't need that bra and then under her breath she said at least not a padded one. Those little ears of his heard that and he said mommy you have your own padding. We all just laughed it was so cute. Then he found some underwear you know the boy short ones for girls and he held them up and said mommy I want these for Christmas. It was so cute. He did not realize they were not for boys they probably look to him like the ones he get now.

I loved going shopping with them last night and can not wait to spend the weekend with them and our two other friends it is going to be great.


  1. Yeah, it was a fun night! And thanks for pointing out how busy I am in bed, lol. There is a blogger in you for sure.

  2. It was so funny! Kids really do say the darnest things! I have to blog a few of these things (among some other ones). :)