Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good times with my niece

Ok so I have been thinking for a couple days on what I want to blog about and I came up with wanting to talk about the good times I have had with my niece Tami Jo. She is a few years younger then me and when she was little we really did not talk much or even be much of each others lives. But then when I got my divorce and she started selling candles that was the begining of something neither one of us realized. We have had so many good times I do not even know where to start.

One time we had fun was when we went for our annual family reunion and both of us were using tents. It started to storm and she was sitting in my tent. It was her, Ashlee (my daughter) and myself and we were just chatting when all of a sudden my tennt start to collapse on us. It was pouring rain outside but we all crawled out of the tent thinking we could save it from falling. That alone was hilarious. But as we are standing there I realize I forgot my phone in there so I had to go back in to get it. We were laughing so hard and screaming at the same time it was great. Then my uncle be the gentlemen he is, or so we thought came and helped us lay the tent down. Tami went to her parents camper for the night and Ashlee and I drove to my aunts house. That was stupid of me because I seriously could not see the hood of my car. We were so wet I felt like I was sitting in a tub with the shower running in flannel pajama's and still soaked. I did not know someone could get that wet. But it was great. Then the next morning when we went back to the campground I thanked my wonderful uncle for coming to our rescue and he said had I known the tent was empty I would not have helped. Thanks uncle.

Then when I moved to the house I am at now Tami helped me move and we were in my room trying to put the drawers in my dresser. Now this should not be hard right well wrong. The dresser has six drawers and it took us almost a full hour to figure it out. We kept passing the drawers back and forth and then finally we realized we were not putting them on the tracks right. It was great we laughed so hard I thought we were going to pee our pants.

She also comes with me to some of my church events and once a month my church has karoke and she comes with it is great her and I will go up and sing and she will go by herself. She is much braver then I am.

This is her and I. I am the serious one she is the cute fun loving one. She just makes me laugh.

Then just recently she and I spent valentines day together shopping and she had been telling me how she was going to get a tattoo when she got her tax refund and she had told me what place she was going to but she had not picked out the tattoo yet and on our way home we had passed the tattoo shop that she was going to and as we passed I asked where she was going to get the tattoo and with the most serious face ever she looked at me and pointed to the building and said right there. I just cracked up laughing I knew what shop she was going to I meant where on her body and as soon as I started to laugh she realized what I meant. It was great I think her and I laughed about it for a good 15 minutes.

Then just yesterday the two of us spent the day shopping again. But before we could go we had to stop and see her brand new niece and my great niece. This was fun but then while we were there we were discussing our plans for the day and we were finishing each other sentences. My other niece just looked at us and said wow spend much time together and we just looked at each other and laughed. See Tami and my daughter Ashlee are huge superman fans and so Tami had told me about Easter baskets at a certain store that she was told were superman so we had to go get them so we had to figure out our day. When we got to the store we went back to the Easter isle and she was standing in front of the premade baskets all of a sudden I saw the superman basket and it was the last one so I ran up to her and pushed her out of the way and took the basket. She laughed so hard because she had done this to me one other time for a deck of cards that was superman so it was just another thing to add to the list of fun times her and I have.

I am so glad to have this fun with her. Sometimes I wish I would have started doing stuff with her sooner but it really has been good times. I am so excited to see what she and I with do on our next adventure. Tami I love ya hun and I really am having fun doing stuff with you. Don't ever quit smiling because it is beautiful.


  1. She is lots of fun and I have enjoyed getting to know her too. Glad she came to the women's retreat and comes to Karaoke...

  2. TJ is a ton of fun and I am so glad she has started joining us at LNO, too!

  3. Tami Jo is super fun, and I am thankful for you that you and her are having fun together! I am so glad that you bring her to events and that we can meet her too!