Saturday, April 25, 2009

How fast time goes

So my oldest daughter Deanna came home from Washington this past week for quick visit and so celebrate her dads fourtieth birthday with him and our other three children. I got the wonderful priviledge to pick her up from the airport and the whole ride home listening to her talk made me wonder what happened to all the time I thought I was going to have with her. She has grown into such an amazing young women and to listen to her just makes my heart proud. But of course the whole time she is talking all I can see is my little girl sitting on my lap having me read her a story or her and I watching "The Little Mermaid" it was her favorite when she was tiny.

I remember when her biggest problem was if a scratch or bruise she has would ever go away and her grandma (her dads mom) would say "don't worry honey it will be gone by the time you get married" and you know that always made her all better. Her grandma and I may not have had the greatest relationship but I know she loved Deanna. I just could not believe how I had wished I could go back to having my little girl with her little girl problems that were easy to fix. Now I have my grown young women daughter with grown up problems that I can not fix for her she has to do for herself but I can listen to her and maybe through listening she will come up with a solution.

Then the other day as I was babysitting my grandson I looked at him and wondered what ever happened to the time I had with my little boy, my grandsons daddy, and where all that time went also. He too is married now and dealing with big boy problems instead of little boy problems and again I can't just pull him on my lap and read to him "Green Eggs and Ham" or watch Aladdin with him like I used to. Now all I can do is hope he will talk to me and listen. But I love him and he too is groing to be an amazing young man.

Now I still have two at home but they are growing up also my next daughter Ashlee who is a junior this year has just grown up so fast I think I blinked one to many times and now she is a young lady instead of a little girl. She is beautiful and loving and caring but also very strongwilled and opionated. I just love that about her sometimes and other times wish she wasn't so much.

Last but not least is my son Dillion he will be in the high school in the fall when the new school year starts. So see I really don't have little kids any more and some days I love that and others I love seeing the adults they are turning into. Dillion is a very caring person and he has an extremely tender heart. His emotions are always right on the surface and so he gets hurt pretty easy but I love him for that.

I guess I just wanted to talk a little about my kids all I know is that I am going to try and do all I can to make as many memories as possible with the youngest two as much as possible.


  1. I know what you mean! My kiddos are still little and I can't believe how fast they are growing. I don't know your kiddos well but I know that their Mama is very special and a joy to be with and so I am sure that they take after her!

  2. I know just what you mean! 20 years ago Drew was safely nestled in my womb, and now he is a grown man out on his own with an amazing career ahead of him. With the other kids following closely behind. Good thing I have another set coming along!