Thursday, April 30, 2009

Texas and home again

Ok so this past Sunday I flew to Texas with one of my brothers (I have six), to go get my parents and drive them home. They are what is called snow birds. They go to Texas every winter and come home in the early spring for the summer. My brother and I flew down there because this past winter my dad has not been feeling that well and he was not able to tear down there fifth wheel camper and drive home by himeself so my brother was going to do that and I was just going to be moral support. Little did I know that this trip was going to turn out to be the trip of many first's for both myself and my brother and even my parents.

The first new adventure was for me I had not flown in over 20 years and so definetly had not flown since 9/11 so the whole security thing was very new for me. My brother came over the day before to see what I was packing and to make sure that I was only bringing a carry on bag which worked out perfect for me and that is all I brought. Then he told me the rules and said to make sure I wore shoes that slipped on and off. I could not believe we actually had to take our shoes off I thought that was a joke but it isn't you really do have to take your shoes off. Then the morning of the flight I of course woke up to my brother pounding on my door because I over slept. Thank fully I was completely ready to go and all I had to do was get dressed and leave. The night before I bassically emptied my purse of all no essentials so I would not have to worry about it so I figured security would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong they ran my purse through the scanner three times at least and then took me to a special corner and searched through it. I had to many coins so it was messing up the machine. No one told me to thin out my change. Once that was fixed it was smooth getting through the airport.

Then while waiting to board the plain I went to use the restroom and on my way out I heard a littl girl. she was 4 at the oldest, say to one of the adults with her "remember that time when the guys head got sucked into the jet" in response to that one adult said to the other adult. "I have never heard a little kid say so many things that could go wrong with a plane just before we are about to board one."
I just laughed to myself and thought gee I wonder at what age does fear start in our lives because she obviously was not afraid. The flight was amazing I absolutely loved it and would do it again in a heart beat. Take off and landing I am still getting used to but I would fly either way because the view is indescribable.

Then once we got to Texas I foung out this was the first time my brother had ever been there. This surprised me because he used to drive truck over the road so I thought he had been everywhere. It was very hot and humid down there, I did not like it as much as I did the one other time I was there in the middle of winter.

Finally we got on the road heading home from Texas to Minnesota and we are driving along. It took us a day and a half to get through Texas. Once we got to the south side of Kansas just before we go through the toll for the turnpike we notice emegency light and what looks like water on the road and sure enough the Arkansas river was flowing over the interstate. We could no believe it. the one side was completely flooded and the side we were driving on had the overflow running on it into the ditch on the other side. I tell you I was never happier that my brother was driving if it had been me I probably would have cried. We think they shut the interstate in that section down shortly after that because we did not have any trafic behind us the rest of our drive that night and it was still early only 7 or 8 at night so there should have been trafic.

I loved the trip and the time with my brother who I have not been able to do in quite a while but I tell you the next trip I take I am hoping I will get to fly both directions and none of this driving stuff and if I do drive I want to be able to stop and sight see once in a while.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How fast time goes

So my oldest daughter Deanna came home from Washington this past week for quick visit and so celebrate her dads fourtieth birthday with him and our other three children. I got the wonderful priviledge to pick her up from the airport and the whole ride home listening to her talk made me wonder what happened to all the time I thought I was going to have with her. She has grown into such an amazing young women and to listen to her just makes my heart proud. But of course the whole time she is talking all I can see is my little girl sitting on my lap having me read her a story or her and I watching "The Little Mermaid" it was her favorite when she was tiny.

I remember when her biggest problem was if a scratch or bruise she has would ever go away and her grandma (her dads mom) would say "don't worry honey it will be gone by the time you get married" and you know that always made her all better. Her grandma and I may not have had the greatest relationship but I know she loved Deanna. I just could not believe how I had wished I could go back to having my little girl with her little girl problems that were easy to fix. Now I have my grown young women daughter with grown up problems that I can not fix for her she has to do for herself but I can listen to her and maybe through listening she will come up with a solution.

Then the other day as I was babysitting my grandson I looked at him and wondered what ever happened to the time I had with my little boy, my grandsons daddy, and where all that time went also. He too is married now and dealing with big boy problems instead of little boy problems and again I can't just pull him on my lap and read to him "Green Eggs and Ham" or watch Aladdin with him like I used to. Now all I can do is hope he will talk to me and listen. But I love him and he too is groing to be an amazing young man.

Now I still have two at home but they are growing up also my next daughter Ashlee who is a junior this year has just grown up so fast I think I blinked one to many times and now she is a young lady instead of a little girl. She is beautiful and loving and caring but also very strongwilled and opionated. I just love that about her sometimes and other times wish she wasn't so much.

Last but not least is my son Dillion he will be in the high school in the fall when the new school year starts. So see I really don't have little kids any more and some days I love that and others I love seeing the adults they are turning into. Dillion is a very caring person and he has an extremely tender heart. His emotions are always right on the surface and so he gets hurt pretty easy but I love him for that.

I guess I just wanted to talk a little about my kids all I know is that I am going to try and do all I can to make as many memories as possible with the youngest two as much as possible.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How long do you have to wait

Ok so I know that a couple weekends ago God spoke to me and I know that He has an amazing man out there for me. But sometimes I just wonder how long do I have to wait. I have been single for over three years and I have not even tried to pursue a relationship because I know I want someone who is Christian and loves God and where I live there are not such men that are single any way.

I know that he will come along and it will happen in God's time ans not mine but I just have my days that I really miss the human touch of a man and would love to just have some kind of sign from God on about how much longer I will need to wait before the man He has for me will come into my life. I know that I need to be patient and that it will happen in His time and not mine but really it can be a lonely world when you don't have someone to hug you and hold you when all you want to do is cry.

And today is one of those days I would love to have that person. I really do not know why I want to cry so bad or why I want someone to hold me but I am extremely emotional today and I could just use a person to hug me and hold me. I know this feeling will past and I will not have the same feeling probably even tomorrow.

But every since I God told me He has a man prepared for me and I will meet him when God feels the time is right all I can do is wonder when that time will be and how far into the future it will be.

Well anyway I think this is enough of that. I don't want to sound like I am unhappy in my life because really I am not because God has been amazing to me. He has put wonderful Christian friends into my life and I am so grateful for them and He has brought me closer to some of my family members and He has shown me that I can totally be alone and it will be ok because He will provide me my needs. He has also taught me to be faithful to Him and as long as I am faithful then I will see the difference between my needs and wants.

I truly do serve an awesome God and I am glad that He has chosen to love me also.
Thank you God for being an awsome God.

Friday, April 17, 2009

LNO(Ladies Night Out)

I am so excited tonight is LNO at my church and it has got to be one of the greatest events our church has for the women of the church. I started attending my church about three years ago when I was going through my divorce and my pastor had recommended it to me.

Now if you know me at all it is not my style to go somewhere alone where I do not even know one person but I did it and I do not regret that decision at all. Because I can honestly say that this is the funnest thing I do. Also I have made some amazing friends out of this. They are my five friends that I know I can go to with anything and they will pray with me and help me through it. I hope they know the same is true with me.

I can for the first time in my life say I have true christian friends and the great thing is they are all married and I am the single one but we still have fun. I would never know I am the single one in the group they include me in everything. I love them all. They are my true sisters in Christ and tonight we get to hang out again!!!!

I can not wait. We don't go anywhere we just hang out at the church but it is so fun. We laugh, eat, play games and even cry sometimes but it is the best. Can't wait to go.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good times with my niece

Ok so I have been thinking for a couple days on what I want to blog about and I came up with wanting to talk about the good times I have had with my niece Tami Jo. She is a few years younger then me and when she was little we really did not talk much or even be much of each others lives. But then when I got my divorce and she started selling candles that was the begining of something neither one of us realized. We have had so many good times I do not even know where to start.

One time we had fun was when we went for our annual family reunion and both of us were using tents. It started to storm and she was sitting in my tent. It was her, Ashlee (my daughter) and myself and we were just chatting when all of a sudden my tennt start to collapse on us. It was pouring rain outside but we all crawled out of the tent thinking we could save it from falling. That alone was hilarious. But as we are standing there I realize I forgot my phone in there so I had to go back in to get it. We were laughing so hard and screaming at the same time it was great. Then my uncle be the gentlemen he is, or so we thought came and helped us lay the tent down. Tami went to her parents camper for the night and Ashlee and I drove to my aunts house. That was stupid of me because I seriously could not see the hood of my car. We were so wet I felt like I was sitting in a tub with the shower running in flannel pajama's and still soaked. I did not know someone could get that wet. But it was great. Then the next morning when we went back to the campground I thanked my wonderful uncle for coming to our rescue and he said had I known the tent was empty I would not have helped. Thanks uncle.

Then when I moved to the house I am at now Tami helped me move and we were in my room trying to put the drawers in my dresser. Now this should not be hard right well wrong. The dresser has six drawers and it took us almost a full hour to figure it out. We kept passing the drawers back and forth and then finally we realized we were not putting them on the tracks right. It was great we laughed so hard I thought we were going to pee our pants.

She also comes with me to some of my church events and once a month my church has karoke and she comes with it is great her and I will go up and sing and she will go by herself. She is much braver then I am.

This is her and I. I am the serious one she is the cute fun loving one. She just makes me laugh.

Then just recently she and I spent valentines day together shopping and she had been telling me how she was going to get a tattoo when she got her tax refund and she had told me what place she was going to but she had not picked out the tattoo yet and on our way home we had passed the tattoo shop that she was going to and as we passed I asked where she was going to get the tattoo and with the most serious face ever she looked at me and pointed to the building and said right there. I just cracked up laughing I knew what shop she was going to I meant where on her body and as soon as I started to laugh she realized what I meant. It was great I think her and I laughed about it for a good 15 minutes.

Then just yesterday the two of us spent the day shopping again. But before we could go we had to stop and see her brand new niece and my great niece. This was fun but then while we were there we were discussing our plans for the day and we were finishing each other sentences. My other niece just looked at us and said wow spend much time together and we just looked at each other and laughed. See Tami and my daughter Ashlee are huge superman fans and so Tami had told me about Easter baskets at a certain store that she was told were superman so we had to go get them so we had to figure out our day. When we got to the store we went back to the Easter isle and she was standing in front of the premade baskets all of a sudden I saw the superman basket and it was the last one so I ran up to her and pushed her out of the way and took the basket. She laughed so hard because she had done this to me one other time for a deck of cards that was superman so it was just another thing to add to the list of fun times her and I have.

I am so glad to have this fun with her. Sometimes I wish I would have started doing stuff with her sooner but it really has been good times. I am so excited to see what she and I with do on our next adventure. Tami I love ya hun and I really am having fun doing stuff with you. Don't ever quit smiling because it is beautiful.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok I think it is oficial I think I am addicted

I think it is time to admit I have an addiction. No not drugs or alcohol but the computer. It started small you know email. I remember when a friend of mine and I thought we were the coolest people ever because we would go to the library and email each other. Yes we were sitting right next to each other but hey we could email how cool. Then we found instant messaging and that started a whole new thing for us.

Then one day out of no where my kids got me interested in a thing call my space and I would go there once in awhile but it faded fast for me.

Then the real problem started my "church lady" friends (that is what my kids call them) got me hooked on face book. The funny thing is we have a once a month ladies night out and one of the gals there that night would not quit talking about face book and I was getting so tired of it that I asked them not to say the face bookword the rest of the night. Then one day out of the blue I looked on my face book account and became addicted. I check the thing every day and sometimes can not walk away.

But it did not end there. Some of my church lady friends blog and kept trying to convince me to blog and I kept saying no. They have small children and families all over the state so they use it to keep family aware of what is going on in there life, but then they started doing cool things like reviews and giveaways and that looked fun so I thought why not try the blogging thing. As you can see I love to blog. It is very fun. But the funny thing is I just spent the last two hours entering giveaways and contests. I never thought I would be one of those people.

Of course I am kidding I do not really have an addiction but I do have fun with this. The great thing is I was talking to another one of my non church lady friends and she is now becoming interested in what I am doing so I think she might check it out.

Now to my church lady friends, thank you very much for getting me addicted. Really it is fun.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Found It!!!!!!!!

OK so every since I got home from Oklahoma to see my son graduate from basic training I have not been able to find the charger for my camera and have had to do things the old fashion way.

Normally that would not bother me except that I have had a lot of things happening. Like Scott gets married to Jennifer


And when you have to wait on pictures from other people sometimes you just never get them.

Then after they get married about three months later I become grandma for the first time.

To the cutest baby boy ever. He is so lovey and cuddly I just love him.

But now I have the battery and I am charging it as I type. I can not wait. I can take pictures and have them right away. Look out blog world I am going to go picture crazy I am sure.

Question for the week

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Know this is bloggable

My friends who have been blogging for a while now used to say that all the time about things that were said or done and I just did not understand that. But since I have started blogging I am slowly starting to understand what they mean.

I went shopping with two of my close friends last night because the three of us plus two more of my close friends are going away for the weekend and so the one needed to get pajamas.

Now I am glad she felt she needed them but it was funny because she said all I wear to bed is a shirt and my workout pants. I didn't bother to tell her that is what I wear to bed too. Apparently that is not appropriate bed wear. The funny thing is though after she tells us that she also tells us that someone said to her you can't wear work out pants to bed you don't work out. Now she may not work out in the common sense but I tell you she is one very busy person. She has 7 children and is a sahm and a good friend to people. So just because she doesn't run a mile a day or something she does work out. Plus I think wearing work out pants to bed is a good idea they are comfortable.

When we went shopping last night my friend with the 7 kids brought 4 of them with her and then my other friend with the 4 kids brought 3 of them with her. We had 4 kids under the age of 5 with us. That was interesting to me because my youngest is 14 so the whole carseat for four kids and then making sure they stay in sight and keeping them entertained was fun to watch. Yes I said watch I don't what to do with little kids anymore so I just watched. Although there kids are very well behaved and I loved watching my friends with them. No matter if the kids were getting loud or doing some little thing the moms didn't want them to do I never heard either one of my friends raise there voice to there kids and the kids listened. They both really do have very well behaved children and they are soooo cute. I love how they would say my name and talk with me. They were just adorable.

The best part of the whole trip was when we were looking at pajama's for my one friend oursevenqtpies my other friend sassyfrazz was looking at clearance items "my favorite part of the store" and of course back by the pajamas is also the bras and underwear and sassyfrazz's little boy pulled out a bra and said here mommy you should get this and she looked at him and said mommy doesn't need that bra and then under her breath she said at least not a padded one. Those little ears of his heard that and he said mommy you have your own padding. We all just laughed it was so cute. Then he found some underwear you know the boy short ones for girls and he held them up and said mommy I want these for Christmas. It was so cute. He did not realize they were not for boys they probably look to him like the ones he get now.

I loved going shopping with them last night and can not wait to spend the weekend with them and our two other friends it is going to be great.