Thursday, October 6, 2011

God Blessings

Well it really has been a long time since I have written and I am just going to write a little today. I keep having things that pop in my head that I feel I should share and put out there for people to see and hopefully they will see the God blessings I see on a regular basis in my life.

I have had a really busy life lately and that is the excuse I give for not doing a lot of things I should do. But lately while doing those things I feel I am being told I need to stop and thank God for all that He gives me daily even if it isn't a huge knock on the head blessing I am receiving blessings daily and I think we should share these with people so that they can see that even in the little things in life God is working.

I will start with the most recent thing. I recently became a grandma again. Like a week ago that is how recent. He is not my first grandson but still they are all special to me.

While he is a blessing all by himself for me the real blessing is the story that leads up to and follows his birth. See my church was going on a weekend retreat that was made to rejuvenate. I really wanted to go on this retreat but the weekend was the same weekend that my grandson was due. Literally his due date was the day we were supposed to leave for the retreat. So I did something that a lot of people said I should not do. I prayed to God and said....Lord you know my heart and you know I want to be able to do both, but I will not leave and go on the retreat if my grandson is not born before I go. So basically I was telling God I am going to do this my way and if You want me at the retreat then my daughter needs to have her baby. Well of course God is amazing and my daughter had her baby very very early Thursday morning and I was able to leave for the retreat on Friday. I know that we should not do that with God and we should trust Him to do all things according to His perfect plan for us but really how awesome is it that He did do it the way He did.

Now I sometimes wonder if I would have went on the retreat either way. But I do know one thing I would not have opened myself up to hear what I needed to hear if my mind would have been at home worrying about whether or not my daughter was going into labor and whether or not I would have time to get home to her.

I was blessed by God to let me have both the birth of my grandson and to be able to go on the retreat. I of course acknowledged right away the gift God had given me by giving my wish and blessing me with it.

Just think if God can bless me with something so little that turns into something so amazing what else can He do in my life that I cannot even imagine can be done. The retreat was wonderful. Full of emotion and opening up myself to receive Christ and what He is giving me.

My prayer is that others will open up their lives and let Christ work in their lives. I mean really when you let Him do the work life is much easier because you don't have to work and you can just let it happen.

Stop and be still and let God speak to you today. Think of something that has happened that you forgot to thank God for and then stop and thank Him.