Saturday, March 14, 2009

WOW only in Minnesota

OK I know people say it all the time how only in Minnesota can you have a snow storm one day and 50's the next. But really that is true. I mean come on we had blizzard warnings just three days ago and now today is gorgeous outside and the snow is melting.

Another one of my favorite things I like to hear people say is only in Minnesota would you see someone wearing a sweatshirt with shorts. Now that one I am not sure of because I think that happens more often than not all over the place. But one thing that I do think would only happen in Minnesota is seeing someone wearing short outside on a day that is only 20 degree's. The other thing I like and I think is a Minnesota thing is when people will think 30 degrees is warm. All of you know I am right on that one. In about mid-January when we finally get a day above zero and it hits the mid 20's to low 30's you hear all over the place it sure is warm out today and you see people without coats and wearing shorts. Then when Autumn comes around we get the opposite the first day that goes below 70 degrees we are pulling out the winter coats and complaining about how cold it is. Be honest now how many of you does this describe. I mean really how many of you today are wearing shorts and have your house windows open? I know it is great and this is why those of us who live in Minnesota love it. OK well I just felt like talking about something kind of random and this is what came to my mind. Enjoy reading.

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  1. LOL So very true!
    I can't figure out how 70 can feel so different from July to December. I pretty much keep my house at 70 year round, but in the summer, 70 is stiffling, and in December it is sooo cold. Crazy.