Sunday, March 29, 2009

What an amazing couple days

Ok so for those who do know this past Friday and Saturday was the womens retreat at my church. It was amazing. I was a little nervous because I am on the women's ministry board at my church and I found the speaker. It was scarier to be the one to have found the speaker then planning any other part of the event. See I had not actually heard her speak before but she works where I work and she has spoken at a few meetings there before and I heard how great she was. So when I knew the theme of our retreat I thought she would be perfect. So we asked her and she said yes. She was amazing. I think people really enjoyed her and she was very funny. Our theme for the retreat was survivor.

I have got to say that I did not realize that the women of our church were so competitive. It was great we had some rather risky games I thought. Our ice breaker game was litterally an ice breaker, they had to pick up marbles with there toes from a tub filled with ice and water!!!! They did great and there was a lot of laughs for it. The best part was they knew that the losing team was getting kitchen duty and the team that ended up with it did a great job and were good sports about it.

Then as the speaker ended the real scary part of the retreat came up for me. I was giving my testimony on how I survived divorce. See like I said the theme was survivor and so I wanted to let every one know how I had survived my divorce with God by my side all the way. I feared doing this for weeks and procrastinated writing anything until like the Wednesday before the retreat. I finally finished typing something on the day of the retreat by the time I was done I has six typed pages can you believe it and then when I got up there I did not look at the papers even once. The best part was after a lot of people came up and told me how much they loved my testimony. I was so thankful and I know it was only because God was there and their hearts were open to hear me.

Anyway the retreat was great and I am so glad we did it. We even had one of the church members say that it was the best retreat they had ever been at in our church. Thank you God for the wonderful retreat.


  1. Hi and welcome to MBC! Great blog

  2. You did great with your testimony! And picking hte speaker! I was scared silly thinking she might not show up, though, LOL