Sunday, May 31, 2009


So this past weekend I went with my mom and grandson to Wisconsin to go see my aunt (my mom's sister). The weekend was great. Good visiting and amazing food. The best part though was today before we left. See on Sundays my aunt and uncles two daughters come over for Sunday dinner after church and they both have two boys. My one cousin "T" her youngest boy "B" who I think is about 4 or 5 after lunch came out of the bathroom and walked up to his mom and shoved his hands in her face and smell mom. Now my cousin flew back in her chair about five feet she did not want to smell her sons hands she had no clue what was on them. It was hilarious. He just wanted her to smell the hand sanitizer he had put on his hands but she didn't know that. We all had a great laugh about it. It was fun. Then the same cousin her older boy "J" came in from outside and asked her where her sunburn was as he touched her arm (that was sunburned) then when he realized it he pulled something from behind his back and started putting it on her arm she jumped at first until she realized it was a leaf off of her mom's aloe vera plant. That I just thought was sweet.

The only other thing that made me laugh, to myself of course, was while these two events were happening all I could think of was I am going to go home and blog about this so here I am telling he story. It really was fun.


  1. It is nice to get away sometimes - glad you had fun. Yes, I think that God made children so that adults would laugh - not that we don't pull our hair out too. :)

  2. I worry about Sam's hands getting next to my face, lol, Trinity's too! Gross!
    That is sweet about the aloe vera.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time visiting relatives, and I agree with Jody, God knew that if we didn't get some entertainment value out of these kids, we'd never have more than one of them...that's for sure!

  4. I am glad you had a great time away with your mom and grandson! What fun stories to share! Kids are so funny!! WE missed you at karaoke, though! We sang bohemian rapsody!