Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shopping with a friend

A few weeks ago I went shopping with a friend of mine and it was quite a trip. She has 7 kids and she brought with the three youngest. That was fun though, i love her kids they are fun to be around and are really great kids. The youngest is 3 and the first thing he said when we got to the store is he wanted McDonald's, it just amazed me that is the connection he has with that store, see there is one in the store. Then after we did the McDonald's, of course we stopped my friend is/was obsessed with the move "How to Train Your Dragon" and McDonald's happy meal toys were the dragons, we started our shopping. Her one daughter wanted a new dress for Easter, I told you it was a few weeks ago, so we looked for some for her and her sister that was with then we went to the dressing rooms. This is when the cuteness really started her three year old wanted to be in the dressing room with his sisters. So his mommy thinking it might deter that thought told him his sisters were naked in there because they were trying on clothes. But that did not deter him the next thing I see is him trying to take off his shirt and saying I want to be naked. I cracked up laughing but then looked at my friend and said that is where I draw the line, if he gets naked I will find a different way home. We were both just laughing but it was good times. You know I love doing things with my friends because they have the smaller children and they are good comedy for me. I laugh so hard when I am with and my friends are just fine with it. Thanks for the laughs ladies, I love you all.

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  1. We love you too...glad we can be your comic relief! Anytime :)