Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it just me

I know I already did a post today but I just need t vent a little and maybe get some points of view from other people at the same time.

Lately there has been a lot of things going on around me that I have been watching and I wonder when did it become ok for people to live like this. I know some of what I am venting about is happening because I or other people have allowed it to happen in there life. But it still makes me wonder.

First off it seems that there has been a lot of public and private people having affairs. I don't understand this. This is one thing that probably confuses me the most. I mean I am pretty sure that when people get married they promise to be faithful to the person they are marrying forever no matter what. So when did we as a society begin to accept this as ok to do. Then when it does happen we say the person in the marriage that it happened to is stupid for wanting there marriage to work. Well when did wanting to stay married become a stupid thing to do? I mean that is the other part of wedding vows for better or worse.

Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that someone needs to endure a spouse that is not going to be faithful ever. I think that if that is the case then go ahead and leave them. But I think that a couple should do all they can to save there marriage before they write it off as a loss and go there seperate ways. I think our country has made divorce to easy and that to many people get married with the idea that oh well if this doesn't work or if I am unhappy I can just walk away and no harm done.

I beg to differ with that. I am a divorced women and I will say that it was the right thing for me to do but it was a very hard decision for me. I stuck it out for many years and even when I did finally leave I was hoping to work it out but that did not happen.

Now all I hear from people is do whatever makes you happy. Um well hello people who say that. What makes you happy might be the very thing that crushes someone else and makes them extremely unhappy. hat happened to the rule "do unto other as you would have them do unto you".

I think people really need to stop and think before they act or speak. Maybe if we all stopped and thought how would this make me feel if it were happening to me then maybe just maybe people would start to be nicer to each other

I know I am really venting but I have personal experience on both ends of this topic and I not only have I been hurt by people being selfish and only thinking of themselves I know I have hurt people because I was being selfish and only thinking of me.

To those people that I have hurt I really truly am sorry. I am trying hard to be a better person and to those who have hurt me no worries I am over it.

Well thanks for listening to me vent.

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  1. It is OK to vent, and I have often got angry over this. Marriage is for keeps...sacred, and should be cherished. Mind frame, among the lifestyle of being married...should be that~ Married/Partnership. I think you are right on track, and the world has gone south as far as what is marriage. People need to protect their hearts, minds, and vows because Satan wants a foothold.